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What are the best upcoming mobile phones in this year?

It is probably impossible to imagine our lives without having a phone. And I’m not talking just about any phone. Smartphones are ruling our world these days, and nearly everybody who can afford one makes sure that they have one. Otherwise, your peers might look down upon you, and you are highly likely to end up feeling bad about yourself. While the newest phones do cost quite a bit, you can thank your lucky stars that there are new models every year. This way, you have older phones becoming cheaper. But not everybody wants to look for an older model. The majority of us purchase a new phone as soon as it enters a market. There are plenty of great and innovative creations that you are going to see on the market at the end of the year. Here are some of the best upcoming mobiles phones you should look for if you want to upgrade your current device:


HTC Ocean. While the company might not be as successful as Samsung or Apple, they still have plenty of customers who remain loyal in a market that is full of different smartphones. According to various reports, the expected date of launch is around mid-May, and there should be quite a few new additions to the current model. A new interaction will probably appear that people call Edge Sense. Then you have plenty of other improvements like a better camera, more internal storage etc. Fans of HTC should rejoice, as this new phone is going to make your life much more enjoyable.

Apple iPhone 8. Like every other year, Apple is going to shake the market with a release of their new product. While the most recent model did not make any noticeable difference from iPhone 6, the upcoming 8 is going to stir things and open a new chapter. There are rumors that the company is going to introduce wireless charging, and a special edition of ceramic version should also be available for the biggest fans.

OnePlus 5. You are probably wondering whether there is a typo in here. But rest assured, since a rumor has been floating around that OnePlus is going to skip number 4 and go straight to number 5. There isn’t too much information about the upcoming model, but the release is expected sometime in May or June.

Google Pixel 2. Google has joined the game recently, and they have quite a few customers who appreciate the camera experience. No confirmation of release date or the name yet, but there should be a new model this year.

There are plenty of other excellent upcoming mobile phones this year. If you are interested to read more, make sure to check out other sources on the internet.